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After entering contact information and connecting your Amazon seller account, we'll assign you a dedicated Recovery Specialist who will answer your questions.

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Our "Core Engine" will analyze 18 months of Amazon data to identify a comprehensive list of over 34 reimbursable events. As you continue selling on Amazon, our "Core Engine" will constantly identify new events.

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When Amazon approves a claim, you'll get a reimbursement from Amazon! You can track everything live through our transparent dashboard and see exactly how much we have helped recover for you.

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Our Core Values

We've spent years figuring out how to use advanced data analytics to automatically identify and recover money from 34 different reimbursement scenarios.
Through our client dashboard, you can see everything we're doing live, including all the claims we've filed for and how much we have recovered.
We fully comply with Amazon's Terms of Service. Our Recovery Specialists manually review and file each claims and ensure that we follow the correct protocol for every reimbursement type.
Fast and easy
We do all the time consuming and tedious work of identifying issues, collecting evidence, and filing reimbursement claims. This way you can focus on what matters most - growing your business.

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Recover money from over 34 scenarios

Our proprietary system conducts a complete reconciliation of your account to identify over 34 reimbursement scenarios where Amazon owes you money.

Lost & Damaged

Given the volume of inventory that passes through Amazon, it's not surprising that items are often lost, damaged, or improperly destroyed while at an Amazon warehouse.
RefundLabs identifies these scenarios and recovers your money.

Customer Returns

After requesting a refund or replacement product, customers often fail to return the original product, return a damaged product, or return an entirely different product.
RefundLabs identifies these scenarios and recovers your money.

Inbound/Outbound Shipping

Amazon approved shipping carriers often lose or damage inbound shipments, inventory recalls, and multi-channel orders.
RefundLabs identifies these scenarios and recovers your money.

Incorrect Fees

Merchants are often overcharged for dimension/weight based fees, storage fees, restocking fees, and sales commission.
RefundLabs identifies these scenarios and recovers your money.

And more...

The reimbursement scenarios listed here are just a handful of the over 34 scenarios that our system automatically identifies and we are constantly discovering more.

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